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I'm gonna lose my virginity to my boyfriend soon. (I'm a girl) Any ideas on how to make it really good for me and him?


iight bet so set the scene right

get home before he do and turn all the lights off but have some candles burnin (make sure they smell good too, don’t be burnin no bacon scented candles or some dumb shit like that) and then wear juss ya bra nd panties

soon as he walk thru the door, walk up to him nd be like “dey got the new playoff roster update for 2k u trine get smacked nigga” nd already hav the console runnin. play him in 2k but let him win. play wit the Bucks or some shit. once he up like 15, juss start suckin his thang nd the game over nd dis when the sex begin


Me: can i see your homework

Someone: No do your own


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"When you stop chasing, they start noticing."

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